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In accordance with its bylaws, North Mecklenburg Pony League is committed to promoting and developing the principles of fair play, respect, and integrity amongst the Member institutions, coaches, players, and spectators. We believe that youth athletics is an integral part of a child's overall development and success, and thus we strive to educate the participants to conduct themselves with civility, dignity, and respect for everyone and the game.

We believe that the young people learn of sportsmanship by the conduct of adults. We expect and hold accountable all adult individuals present at NMPL events to conduct themselves with the highest regard of sportsmanship, civility, dignity and respect for everyone and the game. Furthermore, we entrust our Coaches to be the leaders and teachers of sportsmanship to the players and spectators.

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to describe Sportsmanlike and Unsportsmanlike behavior and to establish a Code of Conduct for Coaches. In accordance with NMPL bylaws, all coaches must acknowledge by signature that these codes have been read and understood or otherwise are ineligible to coach in NMPL events.

SPORTSMANSHIP — broadly defined, sportsmanship is ethical behavior that ensures (1) the rules of the game and league are followed without exception, (2) a profound respect for the judgment of the umpires and League Officials, (3) treating all in attendance with the utmost respect, civility and respect, and (4) resolving disputes and disagreements with civility.

UNSPORTSMANLIKE behavior — is broadly defined as any action that negatively harms the emotional or physical wellbeing of player, coach or spectator; or any action that harms the reputation and image of the game or League. Unsportsmanlike behavior includes, but is not limited to actions of:

1. Unethical behavior — such as willful violation of the rules of the game or league.
2. Physical and verbal acts that incite spectators or players
3. Threatening gestures or words
4. Any hostile words spoken gestured

5. Obscenities whether spoken or gestured
6. Confrontations which are not conducted in a restrained and civil manor


In nearly all matters involving unsportsmanlike behavior involving a coach, the offending party failed to demonstrate common courteousy and respect whether to the umpire, opposing team player or coaches. Coaches should make purposeful effort to extend the opposing coaches and team the utmost respect and conduct themselves with honor and class.

The Coaches Golden Rule - to do unto your opposing team as you would have them do unto your team.

Specific examples of the Coaches Golden Rule:

1. Do not run up the score by unnecessary stealing or aggressive play when the score is lopsided.

2. Do not permit spectators, teammates, opposing coaches or opposing players to taunt, distract, or be discourteous to any player. Everyone isencouraged to cheer. No one is permitted to jeer.

3. Do not purposefully delay games to run-out of time.

4. Do not willfully violate the rules ( a nice way of saying do not cheat)

5. Obey all playing rules including player rotation guidelines and pitching rules.

6. Treat the umpires with the utmost respect It is okay to ask them to explain application of rules. It is forbidden to question the judgment of umpires.

7. Never retaliate in response to an act of unsportsmanship. Report the matter to the league.

8. If you have been unsportsmanlike, apologize and be sincere. If you havemade an innocent mistake, tell the opposing team and apologize.

CODE OF CONDUCT - The following represents NMPL codes of conduct

1. Coaches will conduct themselves in the highest regard and embodiment of sportsmanship placing the values of honor, respect, and integrity above all other concerns.

2. Coaches will treat all players with the utmost concern for their physical and emotional well being. Coaches are not permitted to yell, scream, or admonish players for mistakes in judgment, lapses in ccncentration, or lack of enthusiasm. Instead Coaches shall teach and coach players and help them improve as players and human beings.

3. Coaches are responsible for the actions of the spectators and will insist that all in the presence of the players conduct themselves with the utmost respect of the game, officials, umpires and everyone in attendance.

4. Coaches will follow the rules of the game, PONY® Baseball, and North Mecklenburg PONY® League in spirit and in word.

5. Coaches will not communicate or gesture obscenities.

6. Coaches will uphold a mutual respect for one another and thus will not take actions to embarrass or take undue advantage of a circumstance or game scenario.

I hereby acknowledge that I have read NMPL's views on sportsmanship and Code of Conduct. I agree to uphold the principles of sportsmanship and the Code of Conduct in spirit and word. Further I accept responsibility to prevent, lessen, or intervene in actions of unsportsmanlike behavior. Lastly, I acknowledge that the Member Organizations of NMPL or NMPL Board of Directors reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently banish individuals including myself for conduct in violation of these principles.

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