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BASKETBALL - Boys - Ages 6 to 17: Welcome


HYAA's Boys' Basketball program is exciting and fun for players and spectators. HYAA is the area's oldest and largest youth basketball program.  HYAA's Boys' Basketball program is recreational and instructional in nature. We provide our youth a recreational and competitive experience that encourages growth as better athletes and better human beings. Our program is designed for the recreational player and our appeal is to a broad spectrum of abilities; from novice to gifted. Unlike many organizations that limit or discourage participation of novice or developing players, our organization welcomes and helps make novice players into great players.  We have mandatory minimum play rules and organizational oversight of the league's operation.  We have a close alliance with area Challenge and AAU teams and provide highly gifted players the avenue for a more competitive experience if wanted.

HYAA is a youth recreational athletic association. Our programs are open to all youth of Huntersville and surrounding areas. Financial assistance is available upon demonstrable financial need.

HYAA Boys' Basketball is organized with the following age brackets:

  • 5U (mostly kindergarten)
  • Ages 6/7 (mostly grade 1-2)
  • Ages 8/9 (mostly grade 3-4)
  • Ages 10/11 (mostly grade 5-6)
  • Ages 12/13 (mostly grade 7-8)
  • Ages 14/15 (mostly freshman and sophomores)
  • Ages 16/17 (mostly juniors and seniors)


Parity is paramount to our mission and HYAA uses a player evaluation process (skills day and prior season coach's evaluation) and then a draft to create teams. HYAA's goal is to create a system of team parity, where teams are generally balanced. Parity creates exciting basketball and enhances the enjoyment of the players and spectators.

HYAA owns no facilities. In all cases, HYAA rents facilities from the Town of Huntersville, Charlotte Mecklenburg School System, and other private entities. See "Locations" for facility descriptions and directions. The charges associated with facilities are a sizable portion of the participant registration fee.

HYAA provides complete uniforms for the players.  Shorts and Tops.  We will strive to improve our uniforms every season. 

HYAA Boys' Basketball management team is comprised of a Director, Division Coordinators, and Coaches and all overseen by HYAA's board of directors. See "HYAA Contact" for the current management team and their contact information.