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Submitted by: Ronnie Phillips
Importance of a Pre-Season Parent meeting.
It is extremely important to have a parents meeting at the beginning of the season. This opens up a dialogue between the coaches and the parents and gives the coach the opportunity to talk about expectations for athletes, parents and coaches. You can have this meeting before the first practice. 
Example of Parents meeting:
Welcome and Introduction:
  1. Talk about how excited you are about the upcoming season and teaching their children about baseball.
  2. Share some of your relevant background as an athlete, coach, parent, etc.
Coaching Philosophy:
  1. Share you policy on playing time and position play.
  2. Share you policy on missing practices and if that affects game day playing time.
  3. Share your policy on behavioral expectations for the parents in regards to coaching from the stands, arguing with umpires, approaching the coaches about playing time etc.
  4. Let the parents know when and how they can contact you with questions.
Goals for Season:  (Is it to win, make playoffs, etc)  Some other possible goals could be:
  1. Every athlete will love the sport at least as much at the end of the season as at the beginning
  2. Every athlete’s skills and knowledge of the sport will improve
  3. Every athlete will get chances to test himself/herself in game situations
  4. Every athlete will want to play the sport again next year
This may be a good time to ask parents about the goals or hopes they have for the upcoming season. This may give you insight into the players motivation. You don’t have to respond to everything right then – you can think about it and talk with parents later if they express goals that are inconsistent with your values.
  1. Give practice and game schedules out.
  2. Hand out phone list or ask for contact information at the meeting.
  3. Make sure they understand what equipment is needed (Cleats, Cup, glove, etc?)
Asking for Volunteers:
  1. Coaching help?
  2. Team mom to handle snack schedule
  3. ScoreKeeper?
  4. Any thing else you may want help with.